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For a quick look at our entire inventory, click here. For photos and details, see below.


Please Note: All people in the photos of this website who appear to be in full contact with large exotic cats are in fact  professional trainers and handlers who dedicate their lives to achieving such activities safely and humanely.

   Click below to watch a YouTube video on how its done. We couldn't have been more proud to be a part of production as we were working the the wonderful and caring people of BYU.

YouTube Cosmo

Click on photo for additional photos

"Jacob" Male African lion

Yet another newcomer to Wild Things in Winter of 2002.  Jacob is a distant relative of Josef so our fingers are very crossed on his personality. So far, he's been a perfect gentleman and we could not be happier.

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"Lady" African lioness

One big "stocky lioness with a GREAT personality. Born 8/96, Lady was never fond of cameras and stardom so she simply has a home here at Wild Things.

Credits: BORN FREE the series, and several still photo projects.

"Zaire" African Lioness  

Born 9/96, Zaire is a very friendly but shy lioness whose main purpose in life is to keep Lady company. She does travel and is avail. for a background or cage animal. She can't do alot, but we love her anyway. (Sorry, no current photo)


Click on photo for additional photos

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Luke, Charlie & Heather sml

"Luke " - male African lion

Our newest addition and youngest family member, Luke comes to us at four months old in November of 2008. As many of our friends know, Luke has some tremendous paws prints to fill for he lives and grows up in the shadow of our beloved Josef.

But in keep with our promise to all of our animals, we'll raise little Luke as we did all our cats, including Josef

IMG_0209 sml



Click on photo for additional photos

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       "Kali" Bengal tiger

Kali is one the original remaining cast of Wild Things from a time we call "the good ole days." Together with Charlie and very few others, there aren't many left from the original crew and we miss them all dearly. One of the most incredible gifts Charlie and Wild Things ever had was Kali's sister who passed away on 10/12/2011. He truly was one of the best tigers the entertainment industry ever saw as well as one of Charlie's best friends. Click here to learn more about Kolar.  Kali is a bit shy but she does her best to impress our guests with her beautiful stripes and friendly demeanor.

Credits for these two : Big Cats Calendars, Jungle Book CD ROM, National Geographic Magazine, Exxon and Esso,*Animal planet Intro, BORN FREE the series, and more...

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Click on photo to learn more about our beloved Chui.

"OZ" male spotted leopard

 Yes, another newcomer to Wild Things. 12 weeks old as of Feb 2003, Oz comes to us from a breeder in Kansas. Our hope is that he will grow up to be 1/2 the leopard our Chui was for so many years. .

Growing Older - Summer of 2008, Oz is still a great handling cat with everyone.

PICT2140 sml
Ozz cut out sml

Oct.. 2011 Getting bigger!!!

DSC_0356 sml

"Picasso" male Blk leopard

 Ah, if they only stayed this small. What a sweet heart as of 1/2011. We have high hopes for little Picasso who right now, is on HIGH energy little kitty.

IMG_1373 sml02
IMG_1365 sml02
Charlie & Indy faded sml

"Hobbs" (above) & "Indy" right male bengal tigers       New to Wild things December of 2005, Hobbs and Indy are soon to become the retirement of Kolar and it's gonna take all eight of their paws to fill Kolar's four. So far, they're everything we expected and more.

Hobbs & Charlie faded sml
Indy & Hobbs & Me on the bottle faded sml
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PICT2300 sml
PICT2333 sml

"Cosmo" male Cougar    All right, he might not be a "Big" cat yet but he definitely thinks he's one now!!! New to Wild Things in June of 2009, Cosmo brings cougars back into our inventory after a long stretch without them. We're extremely excited and have real high hopes for him.

Ah, if the only stayed babies... Cosmo 1/2010 (below)

Cosmo 12-2010 sml
Cozmo 12-20-09 sml
IMG_3954 sml
photo 2
photo 1 sml03

"Moksha" & "Rajani" female Bengal tigers    

Making their debut in Sept. of 2012, Moksha is a Royal White Tiger while Rajani is a Golden Tabby Tiger.

It doesn't happen often at our facility for our cats generally last a lifetime upon arriving at Wild Things so this is in fact a very rare and happy time for the visitors and staff this year. We hope all will come to see and enjoy the magic of baby tigers.

photo sml03
photo playing with Moksha quicktime sml03

When they're little (or as long as safety and circumstances allow), we raise our babies together, allowing them to play and interact together. Click left to see a play session between Moksha and Doc, our baby binturong. You'll be amazed by their magic. Fun was never more clearly defined.



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