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When Wild Things' owner Charlie Sammut decided to enter the animal industries, the real work was in Southern California where the majority of the studios and other animals companies were but his home was Monterey County where he decided to commute from in order to stay near his family and place he loved so much. He did this with a very special partner, his lion Josef who without a doubt, paved the way for Charlie's career and the future of Wild Things.

Josef w- Lion King sml slide show lrg

In the early days of Wild Things, our primary source of income and support was in-fact the film and television industry which kept our animals busy and active as well as our staff. The industry at that time was flourishing which meant our animals were on the go, seldom spending time in their enclosures getting ample time and attention as a result of our schedule. As the company evolved, we ventured into the education industry also for it was simply the responsible thing to do for both the planet and the animals. As we continued to evolve, Wild Things became one of the first and only animal compounds of it's type to be open to the public. We welcomed all to see how we kept, trained and cared for our animals. This was made easy having decided to plant our roots in a tourist orientated county such as Monterey.

In recent years, the film industry has all but fled California (if not the United States) unfortunately to escape the extremely high cost of filming a production here. Many animals companies that had been thriving for years but had all their eggs in that basket were forced to either leave the state or close their doors. We continued to evolve.

Capitalizing on the tourism in Monterey, we searched for new and innovative ideas to support our home and our animals which included our Safari Bed and Breakfast, our custom and private tours, our Special Event Site and more. But these activities weren't as physically stimulating to the animals and all concerned wanted to find other ways to get them out of their enclosures.

In July of 2008, Charlie faced his biggest tragedy and challenge of all, he lost Josef at the age of twenty-two. On that final day, Charlie made Josef a promise; a promise that would afford the other animals a better quality of life that was not dependent on any given industry. A promise to finish what they had started together... and in the same fashion that kept the facility afloat for so many years, Wild Things continues to evolve today as it ventures into keeping that promise to Josef and building that home for the animals. A home we are now calling, "Monterey Zoological Society".

Monterey Zoological Logo with zebra oval bg grn FB w-animals d sml

We actually started several years ago, filing the extremely complicated paperwork to establish our new identity as a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which after a pain staking two years was accomplished in the winter of 2011. We broke ground in January of 2012 with the materials had in our construction bone-yard, the help of a few good friends and a hope that things would continue to fall into place as we did what we could at the time with what we had to do it with.

The plan today is basically develop the remaining unused portions of our 51 acre ranch, constructing large natural oepen paddock style enclosures for the larger animals able to be housed in such (lions, tigers, bears...) then after completing and relocating those animals to their new enclosures, we will remodel the existing facility where all the animals were, offering the space that was occupied to the larger to animals to all the smaller animals which in turn would tremendously amplify their enclosures. Our first exhibit is slated to be for our tigers after which we hope to secure sponsorship and funding for additional exhibits. In essence, we're building a REAL zoo, something we feel the Monterey County community is ready for and deserving of. Aside from offering our animals a far greater quality of life, it will increase our the times people can visit the animals and hopefully make their visits more comfortable and enjoyable. Santa Barbara, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose have one, we feel it's high time Monterey have it's own. 

And in doing things the old fashioned way, Charlie's way, we're doing it all ourselves so that 100% of our funding goes directly to supplies and materials that will help our dream materialize for our animals that much faster. Be sure to check back and scroll down often for we intend to make post our progress as that happens and hopefully, you can find a way to help us build what we hope will be a monumental facility that Monterey County will always take great pride in having.



Donations can be made by clicking on the link below. Those having materials and/or labor skills they feel might help our cause should contact us now.

Donate Now Please

Click here to make a Donation.

zoo layout sml03

The first phase of our transition will move our lions, tigers and bears to an area off the zoo we  affectionately intend to call "Oz" (circled in red above) but we hope to keep the seclusion of our B&B in mind affording our overnight guests the privacy and serenity they've grown to expect.

Moving these large animals out of the lower property will open ALLOT of space to the remaining animals to be spread out into much large enclosures also.

photo 3 sml

When Barcelo Nursery called to ask if we could use some very large palm trees they had to find a home for, we did just that, the perfect border to the main path of our new exhibits but receiving, moving and planting these little giants was a bit more than we expected...

 ...but we got it done and they're all in the ground and doing well. Thank-you Barcello Nursery.

photo sml04
photo 1 sml07

It might not look like much but putting the underground utilities in for the area was a huge undertaking. Over 4000 linear feet of trenching (special thanks to Ken Beck for loaning Charlie the back-hoe) and over 8000 linear feet of water pipe and electric conduit, all buried now and stubbed up to service the animals one day.

photo 2 sml03

If you've been following our journey, you know what a HUGE hurdle this was.

Over 4 miles of 8ft. 9-gage chain-link fencing, some coated green, some slatted for privacy but all in all, it's up and surrounding the new permitter of our zoo.

IMG_7640 sml
IMG_7643 sml
IMG_7647 sml

Now we're at the drawing board, designing our first exhibits and new homes for our animals.

MZS Tiger Exhibit mock up
Lion-Tiger-Bear Exhibit2

Our tiger exhibit will be first followed very shortly (God and funds willing...) by our lion and bear exhibits. That will free up ample space in the original facility to begin building much large habitats for the smaller animals.

Every day that goes by, we look, we stare, we make changes and we continue to collect the many necessary components for when we begin putting stakes in the ground.

MZS Monument Sign D

Our new sign and entrance is yet another aspect of this project that a great deal of thought is going into.

After two years of dreaming, drawing, acheiving our non-profit, collecting what materials we could and knocking on doors, a very special donor came into our lives and told us to "get started." She wanted to see the tigers in their new exhibit asap. Although she still insists today on remaining anonymous, we must start this pictorial by sharing how kind, generous and sincere this individual is for her hope was simply to give, to both the animals and the community.

ADA Ramp D

One of our first hurdles was an ADA compliant ramp to get folks from the original portion of the property to the new one. Special Thanks to Freeman Lumber for treating us so well on this project and all the others to follow.

ADA Ramp E

"One man's fallen trees are another man's ... tiger toys" And thanks to our very special friends at Zarco's Landscaping, we were able to not only solve some tree problems but also stock pile the trunks for our future big cat and bear exihibits.

Special thanks also to Bark Walker of Pacific Ag Rentals for loaning us a forklift big enough to move these monster tiger toys.

A VERY special thanks to Granite Rock for their obvious contribution to our dream... One of our greatest  and "Heaviest" gifts. n


A place to watch people from...

IMG_2034 IMG_2039

Let the fencing begin...Special thanks to Sanger Fence for joining us WAY outside the box on this project.

A tiger size swimming pool...


Viewing windows was a huge addition to the plan. Special thanks to Coast County Glass for helping make that happen.


...with water falls of course!


August 22, 2015, it all came together enough for us to feel comfortable calling Monterey Zoo's Tiger Exhibit complete...

Tiger Exhibit ad photo
IMG_8462 IMG_1709

Behind our exhibits are the very secure and comfortable night quarters for our kitties.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Glen, Wendy and George at Salinas Valley Fabrication for helping retrofit our nightquarters to the exhibit along with slided doors to accomodate emergency transport caging. A HUGE DONATION!!!


Again and again, we thank our very special anonymous donor for her love of animals, children and community. An now, even more so for her friendship as she's become just that to us, a true friend. No was never in her vocabulary. But those of you who know this person, already know all this.

Please, check back soon to see our progress and hopefully find a way to help make this dream a reality to both the animals and the community who will so benefit from this new facility.

Lion-Tiger-Bear Exhibit

On 10/1/2015, we break ground on our new lion exhibit, but funds are very much needed to complete this project. PLEASE, contact Charlie at Monterey Zoo if you are willing and able to help.

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